Friday, April 8, 2011

New RT SUP Board!

This is a real mans size board packing floatation of 290 liters, a larger volume than most 14 foot race boards and it's 12'6"! A very narrow specially shaped entry, a wide tail, double concave bottom and 32" wide makes this the most stable board of its kind. Don't let the width fool about its speed. Do you know how much speed is lost because of the rider trying to maintain balance ???  a lot. This board floats up high and dry so you’re not carrying pounds of water on the board as it goes over the tail or the rails. With only 3" of total rocker we have a full water line contact which gives it maximum speed per length ratio. The slight rocker and the thick tail make it really forgiving in head on chop because you can move back over a foot or more from your regular trim spot to go over rough conditions and the tail won't be dragging because it's to thin. Also heading downhill (railroading) the thick tail lifts up on every ripple and swell to make the front drop in for the extra ride and distance. Also the curved entry makes sure that when you catch a swell it doesn't broach like the straight up and down nose entries. Remember also even though this is a thick board in the front and  on the rail profile you are only standing four inches above the water because of  the giant stepped down center, this really gets the center of gravity down low for maximum stability. This board can be considered the ultimate for light weight riders in chopping conditions, the ultimate for big guys that the other boards just don't float and for touring or fishing you want the volume. 



  1. MIke, nice post. Do you have an approx weight on the board.
    At 170-175 lbs, am I big enough to get the most out of this board?

    Also, I see one here in N but seller claims it's got a width of 31"...has the shape/beam changed since the first design?

    Many thanks,