Friday, March 18, 2011

SUP Trolling

This gear is made for clean water, with no kelp or ell grass, Bahamas, Florida , Hawaii Cabo, Cancun and other clear water places. The first pic. is the whole enchilada wrapped around a piece of foam. Thats 25 feet of kiteboarding string or 100lbs test monofiliment. 20 feet of 50lbs monofiliment. 8 inches of 45 lbs steel leader and then the lure, a jointed Repala. The jointed repala is the best since it gets better action at such low speeds. It's hard to set a hook into the fish at such low speeds so I attatched the line directely to the paddle so you usually hook the fish on the recovery part of the stroke and the recovery part is when the lure really get some good swimming action. Thats a stick on leash plug that I put ahead of the pad I am pointing to, I use that string to tie my catch on and also to tie the rig to when going out through the surf. You wanna keep those hooks away from the body. You have to paddle on one side and then pass the paddle over your head to the other side or else the string will get caught on your body. You get used to it after awhile. A basic slip knot is the best for attaching the string to the paddle. It makes paddleing less tedious when you fishing because you never know what might hit it. Once I got pulled off the board and pulled throught the water of 100 feet before the line snapped. Thats why you want the 50lbs test so it will break if you get a 100 lbs of Roosterfish and believe me it can happen.  This method will also work great in Lake Tahoe and other clean water lakes. But they won't need the steel leader at the end of the line because trout and bass don't have the gnarly teeth that these salt water fish have.  Most of all our fishing is right along the beach but this year we are moving out for Dorado and Tuna, keep ya posted.

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